Saturday, 19 July 2014

Let's Have A Pitty Party.. Or Not..


At what point do we stop and think to ourselves, "love, you need to quit while you're ahead"?  Because if, like me, you have recently been hurt by a dickweed on a lads holiday and most of your friends are scattered around the country.. would you:
     a) wallow in self-pitty and sit and worry yourself!
     b) Sit on the sofa singing all by myself like Bridget Jones and contemplate buying 3million cats 
     c) pick yourself up, surround yourself with people you love and genuinely love you back and never think about the guy again 
     d) do all 3 and then realize that the guy in question is more like a friend and you just miss the guys friendship and agree to stay friends? 

Believe me, I am one to do all 4 of these things, at times I remind myself so much of Bridget Jones it worries me.. so class this post as a diary entry! So, what am I doing?
Making the most of out a poopy situation, My close friends are scattered across the country and of course the guy issues.. men ey! I am dealing with it, I don't even care about it anymore. But the question is; Is it possible to just stay friends? Hence why I am writing this at 12am, while watching Live at Edinburgh Castle..(Alfie Boe came on and I literally cried and danced round the lounge!) I mean why aren't I there in that crowd?! And then I remember, I have no money & can't get to Scotland.. so right now the sofa is making a good replacement! 
I mean it could be worse.. I could not have a sofa or wine.. In which case I would be screwed! And I think I would have every good reason to act like Bridget Jones and wallow in self-pitty! 
If you're wondering, I am okay! But for now I am on a recluse from men, if you guys want me I will be the hairy woman in the back eating chocolate and crying over Zac Efron. POWER TO THE HAIR. 
ANYWAY, all this got me thinking... What are we meant to do if things appear to be going so well and they crumble in 20seconds?.. Maybe we did take it all way to fast.. but I feel (this time) it's not my fault. 
Whoa... That was deep! HAHA, this is what happens at this time, I go all tumblr! 

So as a consequence me and my cousin are going to Leeds fest for the day on Friday the 22nd of August. I AM SO EXCITED. Mainly because I haven't had a day out with her since.. well.. we were 2! Even though I see her all the time! So I am going to be going cray with the clothes YYAYY!! And of course we see Blink-182 & Disclosure etc.. but those names are pretty big. Dunno who Blink are but hey-ho! (Lol I am totes joking, love them! Miss you and all that!) 

In other news; I have started boxersize with my cousin and our friend.. I am very very excited and it's going to be amazing. Going to let out so much anger, and get highly fit at the same time WOO! Also, work has been going well if any of you were wondering, I had 3 customers on Friday RESULT. 

Amie's Dictionary: 
Dickweed - horrible boy

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