Saturday, 12 July 2014

New Me

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Every-once in a while, we all take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves. We re-evaluate our look, personalities, style, habits etc. I have done this... But I have also re-evaluated, my blog.
A way to describe me is: One Hot Mess. Meaning; I don't stick to things! I find it hard to keep to a tight schedule because I get bored, or I think it isn't that great... and that's what happened on my main blog. I wasn't feeling it..
But, I have an idea.

This is my 'sister blog' for me to be, well, myself. It's going to get personal, crazy and yet I am going to be chatting fashion & music as per.. but it will be much more about me than about the world and what everyone else is thinking. 

Don't worry, I am still going to be posting on my main blog, but that will be much more serious, and much more.. well... the clever serious me!

So, the name? where does it come from? 

Well.. A Ditsy Print is
"A small scale repeated print in a random order (not in stripes or geometric patterns). Most often the subject is florals." Now, since people describe me as both ditsy and random! I put my name into fashion terms. Clever huh! 

Why Make a Sister Blog? Why can't you just do this on there?
I felt that I needed some space to think about my career and what type of writer I want to become, I want to be serious, but I also need to bring some of my craziness in there as well and to play and be myself and really find my voice as a writer. But yet I also wanted a space to show my work at uni e.g. my interviews, my shoots and all that jazz. So I thought with two blogs that will be easier to handle and won't appear messy!

After loosing some close friends due to them not "liking who I have become" I have decided to take a long hard look at myself, but what I can say is.. the only thing that has changed is that I am FINALLY happy. And it's out of pure jealously, that I have moved onto bigger things, that they "can't handle me anymore".. That's not my fault. Maybe I have changed. But, I have grown into myself and I am beginning to, finally, like myself. 
And in my eyes - if you don't like the happy me then I don't want you to bring me down and I no longer need you in my life. 
This is where this blog comes into play. Its all me. Amie. The real one! Who loves chillin in her pjs with 1D blaring out, and loves nothing more than to be crazy/happy and involve my ultimate passions with that: Music & Fashion into this whirlwind of a life!

What is the content on this blog?

My life - boy probs, girl probs, work probs, things that I need to discuss, moving into a real house, my uni life and uni girl issues! 

Fashion - much more of me in the clothes, hauls, judging people in what they wear.. haha watch out! 

Music - artists i love, and what I listen to while writing (shown through a spotify link!) 

however - on my main blog that is where my uni articles will go, my thoughts on London fashion weeks, blogslove meets and serious bits and pieces! 

Last point:
Some blog posts will be so short that it will seem rubbish! Some posts will be like this long winded and probably boring! Some posts will be mainly images & Videos.. So it's going to be mental.. But that's me; just one big ditsy print.

Thanks for coping with me & Supporting me
As always Like & comment
All my love

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